Skywatch was created by ShadowPhoe and is located at 200,200. This region is the start point of the server's treasure hunt, which covers several regions. From here you can travel the road and find valuable treasures such as diamonds, sponges, enchanted books, and so much more. New players will find the treasure hunt to be an exciting adventure as they search for over 20 chests filled with various items of value. The chests range from easy to hard to find, but tips are available for those who wish to quickly find all the treasure. Most chests respawn daily, so once you have found the chests, you can keep going back to get items again and again. The treasure hunt is one of the server's best features and shouldn't be missed.

For those uninterested in the treasure hunt, Skywatch is still worth coming to look at. It's a bucolic scene from an era gone by. Take time to stroll through the quaint streets of the village and enjoy the beautiful views.

Historic pictures of Skywatch

Skywatch has been in development since the server started. Here are a few screenshots, compare them to how it looks today and you will notice the amount of terraforming ShadowPhoe has done.