Why do it?

Access to steam is a plus in it self. but for those who like to play Minecraft in full screen mode you will have use of the steam overlay. Allowing internet search's and even visiting youtube without having to tab out of Minecraft. Steam also has a built in music player that you can add tracks to.

Minecraft and Steam link and install

Here is a step by step guide on how to put Minecraft into your steam library.

  1. Downlaod and install steam/Minecraft
  2. Create a steam account if not already done
  3. Once logged into steam and updates done if not already in the library click the world library. this shows you the games currently in your library and if they are installed or not.
  4. In the bottom left side of the steam window are the words add a game and a plus sign.
  5. Click it and on the little pop up at the top select add a none steam game.
  6. In the pop up window scroll thru and select Minecraft. as well s any games you have installed that you would like to add to your library.
  7. Click add selected games and you'll find the games in your library.