This region is your number one choice if you want to trade with those pesky villagers. Ugh. The region is great, though.

The red barn was built as a gift from BallisticBubblez to selltheworld. Prior to moving into the barn, selltheworld lived inside a dirthouse in Morning region. If you have want to file a request or simply send selltheworld some mail, you can use the hopper mail box in front of the red barn.

Farms & villager trading

The region has a combined carrot, potato, pumpkin, melon, wheat and seed farm. The first slime farm on the server is also located in this region. To get to the slime farm go down the stairs south of the red barn.

You can grab stuff from the farm and sell it to the villagers in the trading hall. The trading hall is located North of the region post.

Tip: There are ender chests next to the automatic farm and inside the trading hall. You can use them to carry more items per trip.

Farm designs